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Why Now?

As a college preparatory school, our superior academic curriculum will continue to remain our primary focus; however, Holy Trinity's Board of Trustees and school leadership have determined that the Tiger Athletic Complex is the school’s top priority.

Through extensive research and a comprehensive feasibility study, including detailed input from our parents and our school community, we have determined that the time has come to bring our athletic facilities up to the same level of excellence as our academic program. Our athletic facilities have served our school well for the past 18 years but are simply no longer able to safely support the current level of use. In fact, our athletic program continues to grow, with several new sports added in recent years to cater to growing student interests.

Our first phase, the Tiger Athletic Complex, will include a new field house featuring locker rooms, concessions, restrooms, and strength and conditioning facilities. It also includes the latest generation turf field and Plexitrac athletic track surface, as well as road, parking and sidewalk enhancements, gym upgrades and other vital improvements that will transform the Upper School for ALL Holy Trinity students, families and visitors, including the 86 percent of students who participate in athletics. 

Upon completion of the Tiger Athletic Complex, Holy Trinity will pursue the IDEAS Institute to house 21st century learning programs focused on collaboration and innovation.

Our Opportunities

Holy Trinity now has a historic opportunity to positively impact generations of student athletes to come, and you are invited to join in this exciting chapter. The Tiger Athletic Complex will provide brand new facilities on our Upper School campus as well as enhancing existing spaces, greatly benefiting our students and the athletic program in a variety of ways:

  • A new field house, including boys and girls locker rooms for home and visiting teams, would be located adjacent to the field and track, allowing quick and convenient access to a locker room for all Tiger athletes.
  • The new complex would provide adequate space and equipment for an athletic trainer, as well as a fitness and strength training room, and facilities for equipment storage, laundry, and mechanical/electrical/janitorial rooms.
  • The track would be renovated and resurfaced, and a new turf field installed at Catherine A. Ford Field, providing the optimum competitive environment for our home athletes and for hosting competitive meets in the regular season and post-season.
  • On the exterior, a ticket booth and concession will provide added convenience and options for fans.
  • Men’s and women’s bathrooms provide added convenience and alleviate long lines.
  • Additional parking and sidewalks would be added and appropriate lighting installed for the safety and security of all. 
  • In order to bring our gymnasium to this new level of overall athletic excellence, flooring, lighting and the current sound system will be improved and enhanced.

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